The History of the Chicken Cutlet Sandwich


There are many things that we experience everyday that hold a rich history that is never even known about. Nothing is created overnight and some of the things that we value the most take years, decades, and generations to grow and become the things that we cherish today.

Believe it or not, one thing that holds a long history that is full of changes, advancements, and growth is the chicken cutlet sandwich. If you are looking for the best cutlet sandwich in NJ, you need to do your research about the meal itself, where it came from, how it became so popular, and why people love it so much.

The chicken cutlet sandwich is a very popular American meal and it has a long and intriguing history that spans multiple countries and several civilizations. It is not an item that was created recently and it has taken many years to get to the point that it’s at now.

The chicken cutlet sandwich has indeed evolved from its very humble and quiet beginnings as a simple and basic meal that you could buy on the street to its current status as a top-of-the-line, gourmet deliciousness. And at every turn and during each change, the sandwich gained more appeal, grew into something special and important, and found many more fans too.

Humble Beginnings

To completely grasp the history of the chicken cutlet sandwich, we need to first comprehend the origins of its main component. That is, of course, the chicken cutlet. Without the chicken cutlet, you wouldn’t have cutlet sandwiches in NJ or other parts of the world.

Although it seems like a no-brainer today, that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when the idea of breading and frying small slices of beef seemed odd and different. But it’s actually been happening for a very long time, although it wasn’t exposed to massive amounts of people. In fact, the concept goes back hundreds of years and has been found in many different cultures throughout the globe.

Even though it was popping up in different corners of the globe for generations, it was the Italians who truly mastered the art of seasoning, breading, and preparing the cutlet, which is referred to as a “cotoletta” in Italy.

In that country, cotoletta is usually prepared with a side of veal that has been pounded thin and then breaded, and fried until it looks crispy and golden. Italians have relished this classic meal for years and it is usually served with some lemon and a side of vegetables and potatoes.

But times changed, people moved, and as they traveled the world and set themselves up in different countries, they brought their customs and their meals with them.

As Italian immigrants moved to America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, they brought their traditions with them, including the beginnings of the sandwich that you enjoy today. Of course, over the years, there were many modifications to the best cutlet sandwich, created as a way to cater to the tastes of others and use the ingredients that were available in America.

The Move To America

The chicken cutlet sandwich that we all know and love today actually originated in America. Although it started over in Italy, it transformed into the meal that you find in the best cutlet sandwich NJ shops in the modern age.

You see, because veal is less accessible and far more expensive than chicken, immigrants who moved to America started to substitute chicken for veal. The end product was a more financially accessible version of the original Cotoletta, which instantly became wildly popular with working-class Americans. It has successfully made the leap from Italy to America and it immediately took off.

Where Did It Come From?

We know a lot about the chicken cutlet sandwich, but its actually definitive roots are hard to find. That is because the exact origins of the sandwich are difficult to pinpoint precisely, as it most likely grew naturally in Italian-American towns across the country. However, by the mid-twentieth century, the chicken cutlet sandwich had become a nationally cherished item, beloved because of its crispy exterior and its soft and savory interior.

The ease and cost of the chicken cutlet sandwich contributed significantly to its appeal. The chicken cutlet sandwich, made with only a few basic ingredients, was a tasty and substantial lunch that was perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Whether it was served on a soft bun with a thin layer of melted cheese or placed between two slices of firm, toasted bread, the chicken cutlet sandwich provided endless options.

As the sandwich became more popular, it evolved to meet new and different tastes and trends. In some regions, new versions popped up, some of which consisted of breaded and fried chicken cutlets that are slathered in marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, people experimented with different types of breading and taste. They toyed with various herbs and spices to create brand new, fresh versions on the original.

Now, the chicken cutlet sandwich has even found its way into fast food outlets. While these mass-produced versions lack the artisanal elements of their deli or diner counterparts, they have helped to spread the chicken cutlet sandwich’s appeal and introduce it to new generations of customers. And some chains are really finding something special with the meal, delivering some of the best chicken cutlet sandwiches out there.

Present Days Cutlets

In recent years, the chicken cutlet sandwich has undergone a renaissance in many ways, with cooks and foodies all over the globe putting their own spins on the classic dish.

From gourmet food trucks serving up hand-crafted, special chicken cutlet sandwiches in NJ that come with local ingredients and twists to more upscale eateries that are serving up an elevated take made with organic, free-range chicken, the chicken cutlet sandwich has established itself as something that seems quite simple but is truly so much more than just a sandwich.

Despite its modest start in Italy so many years ago, the chicken cutlet sandwich has become a treasured staple of cuisine, enjoyed by millions of people across the country and all over the world.

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