Top 9 Sandwich Franchises in the Spotlight Right Now

top sandwich franchises

There is no doubt that just about everyone has enjoyed a sandwich – or many sandwiches – in their lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich, a turkey sandwich, or beyond, sandwiches are beloved by people all over the world for a number of reasons. It’s one of the few meals that people enjoy from their very first years all the way through the rest of their lives.

But why? What makes them so special and so incredibly popular? Why are the top sandwich franchises billion-dollar properties that are always making money no matter the state of the economy? Well, people love sandwiches for several reasons, making them one of the most popular and versatile food choices.

Firstly, sandwiches are incredibly convenient and are able to be made and slipped into any schedule, no matter how busy and filled it is. Sandwiches are easy to prepare, even easier to eat, and you can take them on the go. There is no need for utensils or a formal dining setup. The simplicity of them makes them so worthwhile and enjoyable.

The possibilities are also virtually endless when it comes to sandwich combinations. You can mix and match various ingredients, from meats and cheeses to vegetables and spreads, to create a sandwich that suits your personal taste. There is no wrong way to make a sandwich and no ingredient that if off-limits.

Additionally, sandwiches are highly customizable. You can adapt them to your dietary preferences, whether you’re a meat-lover, vegetarian, vegan, or have specific dietary restrictions. They also often include a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables, making them a well-rounded and satisfying meal choice.

As you can see, people like sandwiches because they offer a perfect blend of convenience, customization, and deliciousness. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite on the run or a gourmet creation, there’s a sandwich for every occasion and palate. And because of that, the top sandwich franchises are always successful. But which are the best of the best? The most impressive? The ones that you can rely on the most? These days, you have more sandwich businesses than ever before but here are some that every sandwich fan should be well aware of.


It definitely isn’t surprising to see this franchise on our list. That’s because Subway is one of the largest and most recognizable sandwich chains globally and a testament to the power of the sandwich.
Subway is loved for its customizable options, allowing customers to choose their bread, proteins, toppings, and sauces. It also offers a variety of healthy and vegetarian choices, catering to different dietary preferences. Their choice of ingredients always tastes fresh and special, which only furthers the popularity of Subway.

Jimmy John’s

Right behind Subway is Jimmy John’s, which has tried to further the sandwich industry. Jimmy John’s is known for its “Freaky Fast” delivery and fresh ingredients, both of which are advertised by the company in commercials. Customers love the speed and consistency, with a focus on quality meats and bread baked in-house daily. Jimmy John’s also made a name for itself with its bicycle messengers who would deliver the food, although that isn’t available in every part of the country. Compared to Subway, Jimmy John’s is known as one of the best low cost sandwich franchises.


Quiznos has been around for years now and has experienced a lot of ups and downs but they are still one of the most popular sandwich franchises in the world. Quiznos offers toasted subs with a variety of unique sauces and ingredients. Their sandwiches are known for their warm, melty goodness and distinct flavor combinations. They also pay extra close attention to their selection of cheeses and sauces.

Firehouse Subs

A relative newcomer in the field, Firehouse Subs stands out for its commitment to quality and flavor. They use premium meats and cheeses, and their hot subs are served with steamed meat and cheese for an extra punch of flavor. While not a gourmet sandwich franchise, Firehouse tries to rise above the competition and put a bit more class and formality into their meals.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Another business that has been on the rise over the last few years, Potbelly Sandwich Shop is cherished because of its warm, toasted sandwiches, signature soups, and especially its milkshakes, which aren’t offered by any other competitor on the list. It has a cozy, retro vibe that adds to the overall dining experience.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s is well known and loved because of its fresh-sliced meats and cheeses and its “Mike’s Way” seasoning, which includes onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and spices. The company is very proud of its East Coast-style sub sandwiches.

Which Wich

Which Wich allows customers to build their own sandwiches by marking their preferences on a bag. It’s a fun and interactive way to create a personalized sandwich that is very different from anything offered by Subway, Jimmy John’s and others.

Panera Bread

This is perhaps the most high-end and gourmet sandwich franchise on our list. While they are known for more than just their sandwiches, Panera offers a range of delicious, high-quality sandwiches with a focus on fresh ingredients and artisanal bread. Their bakery-cafe atmosphere is also appealing to many. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, Panera has become a very popular place for people to eat, enjoy company, and sip some delicious coffee too.


A company that has been around for generations, Arby’s has long specialized in roast beef sandwiches and is known for its recent “We Have The Meats” slogan and catchy commercials. They offer a variety of sandwiches, including gyros, turkey, and brisket, catering to meat lovers.

All of these sandwich franchises are loved for their consistency, their variety, and their dedication to quality ingredients. Many of them have shown the ability and eagerness to adapt to changing consumer preferences and now offer healthier and customizable options. All of this makes them trusted and popular favorites in the competitive world of fast food.

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