Common Mistakes of the Top Sub Sandwich Franchises

sub sandwich franchises

We all know that running a franchise isn’t easy. There are many challenges that come with it. That is especially true when you are working in the food service industry, where people expect the very best and will easily move to the competition if they aren’t satisfied.

Running a sub sandwich franchise comes with many advantages and benefits but some challenges too. And that is because there are plenty of mistakes that can be made when you are the head of this type of business. Far too many people take on this role thinking it’ll be easy and everything will come to them like second nature. But that simply isn’t the truth.

Sub sandwich franchises have become immensely popular in the current fast-food industry, providing a simple yet customized choice for hungry customers. From those who want burgers, Mexican food, Americana staples, or the best cutlet sandwiches, these restaurants have something for everyone. It seems like success should come easy, right? Yet, even the industry’s best businesses can be subjected to making some bone-headed blunders that jeopardize their overall success and longevity.

In order to avoid those problems, we are going to look at several of the usual mistakes that can be made by even the top sub sandwich franchises.

Lack of Menu Innovation

Far too many businesses get stuck in a creative rut. They start to churn out the same things day after day and don’t take any chances or try anything new.

That is why one of the most common mistakes made by top sub sandwich franchises is failing to innovate their menus. They get stuck in their ways and they don’t branch out.

While some businesses have built successful trademark items on their meus, failure to give their customers fresh and innovative choices usually results in weariness and decreased business.

That is because customers want variety and innovation in their food, and franchises that do not give them creative choices will risk losing their returning customers to competitors that are willing to try something new.

Inconsistent Quality Control

Quality is everything. That is true in just about every type of business but especially anything tied to food service.

Promising and delivering consistent quality across all locations of a franchise can be hard, but it is downright critical if a business is looking to increase consumer trust and loyalty.

Sadly, there are many popular sub sandwich franchises that have failed when it comes to preparing their meals, serving the right portion sizes, and keeping everything fresh. A sandwich that tastes great at one place may disappoint at another, resulting in unhappiness and bad feedback.

With proper quality control, a business is able to ensure customers that no matter where they go, they will walk away happy.

Poor Customer Service

Customers will not return to a place where they don’t feel welcome. Countless studies have proven that and conventional wisdom says the fastest way to lose customers is to turn them off with bad service.

This is perhaps the biggest mistake that a sub sandwich franchise can make.

Everyone knows that extraordinary customer service is mandatory for long-term success in the food service world, but some of the best sub sandwich franchises still fall short.

Poor customer service, whether due to long lines, unhappy employees, or messed up orders, can ruin a franchise’s reputation and drive even the most loyal customers away.

Limited Dietary Options

Any franchise needs to respect the wishes and tastes of its customers, no matter how often they change.

In an age when dietary preferences and restrictions are becoming more common, sub sandwich businesses that do not deliver a fleshed-out menu risk losing a large section of their consumer base.

Customers who have dietary restrictions struggle to find choices that they want at some businesses, which prompts them to find alternative companies that give them what they need.

Overreliance on Processed Ingredients

While convenience and cost are important selling features for sub sandwich chains, some major businesses often rely too much on processed and pre-packaged ingredients.

These types of ingredients sometimes contain nasty additives, pesky preservatives, and artificial tastes that are bland and flat. All of them degrade the overall taste, literally leaving a sour taste in customers’ mouths.

Failure to Embrace Technology

In today’s digital age, food service companies often rely a lot on technology to succeed. This is a good thing and it can make just about every procedure and process run smoother, faster, and more efficiently.

Yet, some of the most popular sub sandwich restaurants are sometimes slow and lacking when it comes to adopting new technology like ordering from the phone, online delivery apps, and loyalty programs.
Businesses that refuse to embrace technology are going to miss out on so many possibilities to simplify their operations, improve overall customer experience, and increase sales.

Bad Marketing and Branding

Successful marketing and branding are critical for improving recognition and landing new customers.
But some great sub sandwich restaurants may underinvest in marketing or fail to distinguish themselves from the competition. Franchises that lack a strong brand identity or fail to express their unique value proposition may struggle to stand out in a competitive market. Investing in effective marketing activities may help franchisees boost awareness, improve foot traffic, and create customer loyalty.

Neglecting Local Community Engagement

Creating and keeping strong ties with the community is critical to the success of each franchise site. Even while knowing that, even the best sub chains may neglect the value of community involvement activities such as sponsoring local events, donating to charitable organizations, or collaborating with surrounding companies.

Companies that actively participate in their communities show a commitment to social responsibility and goodwill in the location they are in. This will lead to loyalty of customers and repeat business. People always feel good about giving their money to a business that cares about the region it resides in.

Running sub sandwich franchises isn’t easy but it can be very beneficial if it’s done correctly. By avoiding the regular pitfalls that wait for other companies, a food service business like this can thrive and bring in loyal – and hungry – customers day after day.

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